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Maharaj Indian Restaurant

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Gratar Indian ~ Tandoori Dishes

Gratarul indian este o soba facuta special potrivit unei vechi tehnici indiene. Carne, legume si paine sunt marinate in sos special pentru o noapte si sunt gatite pe acest gratar special. Mancarea este facuta pe carbune la foc mic, asa ca dobandeste o aroma speciala.

The Tandoor is a special pit oven made from choice clays and natural binding agents. All meats, poultry and seafood are marinated overnight in a special sauce consisting of yoghurt, ginger and garlic. Then they are skewed and broiled over charcoal in the Tandoor. The Tandoor is also used to turn out a most exciting variety of breads.


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TANDOORI CHICKEN  ~  pui tandoori cu ghimbir si usturoi pentru 2 persoane  ~  tandoori chicken in special yoghurt,ginger & garlic sauce, for 2
CHICKEN TIKKA  ~  bucati de pui si legume marinate in sos de iaurt si condimente  ~  chicken pieces and greens cooked in clay oven
TANGRI KEBAB  ~  pulpe de pui marinate in sos galben cu condimente
~  drumsticks in turmeric sauce cooked in clay oven
RESHAMI KEBAB  ~  bucati de carne de pui marinat in sos din faina de naut demi-dulce  ~  chicken pieces marinated in semi-sweet sauce of gram flour
PAHARI KEBAB  ~  bucati de carne de pui marinat in sos verde de spanac  ~  chicken pieces marinated in spinach sauce
BOTI KEBAB  ~  bucati de carne de miel cu legume marinat in sos de iaurt si condimente  ~  pieces of lamb and greens cooked in yoghurt sauce & spices
PANEER TIKKA  ~  bucati de branza si legume marinate in sos de iaurt si condimente  ~  cheese and vegetables marinated in yoghurt sauce and cooked in clay oven


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